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MEA Group is a global provider of custom, tangible branded collateral. We have a proven track record of providing effective solutions for strategic brand engagement. In short, we tell your brand story by translating your culture, brand, and mission into a positive emotional experience for consumers.

Proven producers

We are a team of creative, marketing, and sourcing experts committed to delivering high-quality, trend-setting, tangible, branded marketing materials. Guided by our values of innovation, reliability, loyalty, and transparency, MEA Group has been a leading provider of cutting-edge creative marketing strategies and promotional items since 1987.

A fulfilling relationship

We understand that each country is a different market. It’s not just about language, but what products will resonate with employees and consumers. It’s about how to source and ship most cost-effectively and efficiently for that market. We let the experts in each relevant market apply their expertise to your promotional program requirements.

Creative culture

Our team is driven by a culture of creation. We excel at providing creative solutions rooted in research, tried and true marketing methods, and trending product offerings. Our robust and reliable global supply chain gives clients peace of mind because we deliver completed projects on-time and within budget. We elevate brands through responsive and flexible solutions via our streamlined 3-D PROCESS.

How we work

Introducing our 3-D Process


We learn your challenge, we listen to your team, we become a sounding board for them to speak to. We want to understand your objective to help define the perfect, tangible, branded items to most effectively deliver your message.


This is where we showcase our value to you team. We’ve accepted the challenge and now launch into action with our creative team to develop a range of ideas and concepts that could be used to successfully accomplish your objective in a memorable way, on brand and within budget.


We think like an agency, we create like an agency, however—we don’t charge like an agency, and we actually deliver the end product.  There are many creative agencies out there that can make pretty pictures and nice pitch decks—however, many of these companies do not have the engineers, manufacturing partners, and resources to get your project done.  From concept to creation, we own this space.


Work We Have Done


Over 30 years in the industry

Corporate Social Responsibility

We strive to have a positive influence on our world. We group our actions into three pillars:

  • Minimize our environmental impact
  • Be ethical and socio-economically responsible
  • Incentivize volunteerism by our employees and partners
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We are located in Columbus, Ohio

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