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Your trusted partner in brand engagement

Your trusted partner in brand engagement

MEA Group is a global provider of custom, tangible branded collateral. We have a proven track record of providing effective solutions for strategic brand engagement. In short, we tell your brand story by translating your culture, brand, and mission into a positive emotional experience for consumers.

Who we are

Proven producers

Proven producers

We are a team of creative, marketing, and sourcing experts committed to delivering high-quality, trend-setting, tangible, branded marketing materials. Guided by our values of innovation, reliability, loyalty, and transparency, MEA Group has been a leading provider of cutting-edge creative marketing strategies and promotional items since 1987.

How we work

Creative culture

Creative culture

Our team is driven by a culture of creation. We excel at providing creative solutions rooted in research, tried and true marketing methods, and trending product offerings. Our robust and reliable global supply chain gives clients peace of mind because we deliver completed projects on-time and within budget. We elevate brands through responsive and flexible solutions via our streamlined 3-D PROCESS.

Global Partnerships

A fulfilling relationship

A fulfilling relationship

We understand that each country is a different market. It’s not just about language, but what products will resonate with employees and consumers. It’s about how to source and ship most cost-effectively and efficiently for that market. We let the experts in each relevant market apply their expertise to your promotional program requirements.

Our Work

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Kraloy, a leading manufacturer of electrical equipment, was looking to design a sales kit box for its popular JBox product. With the goal of creating a unique, eye-catching package that could be used to showcase its product to potential customers, Kraloy tasked MEA Group the challenge of designing and producing the sales kit box.


After brainstorming and brainstorming several ideas, they decided to go with a sleek recycled cardboard box, in line with their corporate goal of using more eco-friendly packaging. The box featured an image of the product on the lid, along with the company’s logo and a brief description of the product. The box was coated with a matte finish to provide a durable and elegant look.

Inside, they included a detailed product overview and a personalized note, along with a collection of samples of the different models of their JBox product.


The final product was a stunning, professional-looking sales kit box that was both eye-catching and informative.

The sales kit box was an immediate hit with Kraloy’s customers, and the company is now considering expanding the product line to include other products in the same line. The success of the sales kit box demonstrates Kraloy’s commitment to quality and creative, innovative packaging.




White Castle is a fast food restaurant chain that has been operating in the United States since 1921. In 2017, White Castle decided to enhance their employee uniform by incorporating their branding on employee shoes.


To kick off the project, we launched a brainstorming session with the White Castle Executive Team. Our goal was to come up with an eye-catching design that was both stylish and true to the White Castle brand. The team agreed that the shoe design should be bold, modern and emphasize the signature White Castle logo.

Once a design was finalized, we contacted our suppliers and identified materials that could best replicate the White Castle brand. The material chosen was a patent-free vegan leather bound in a combination of polyurethane and polyester threads. This material was chosen because it had the sophisticated look and feel we desired,while also meeting White Castle’s sustainability goals.

Once the material was finalized, we provided White Castle with design mock-ups of the new shoes. The mock-ups featured the classic White Castle logo, complete with a white castle image and bold purple coloring. After the design was approved by the White Castle Executive Team, we had the material sent directly to our supplier.

Our supplier then began production of the new White Castle themed shoes. Each shoe was carefully hand-crafted and custom tailored to the White Castle specifications. Special attention was given to the White Castle logo to make sure it stood out clearly.


Once the new White Castle shoes were complete, they were delivered directly to White Castle restaurants. White Castle employees were delighted with the classic and stylish design of their new shoes and wore them with pride.

The end result of the project was a beautiful and modern shoe design that was true to the White Castle brand. It was a success that we were proud to be a part of.




Spirit Airlines needed to create a custom and cost effective premium gift set for their top customers. The gift set needed to include a wine decanter and two glasses, and be packaged in an elegant customized box.


We developed a custom solution for the airlines by designing the product packaging, box, and the foam inserts that would hold the decanter and two glasses in place.


First, we designed the packaging to be elegant and custom to the airlines brand. The box was made from a black cardboard material with a glossy finish for a sophisticated look. The wine decanter and two glasses were hand picked with the customer in mind, to showcase a premium experience.

Next, we designed the foam insert that would protect the decanter and glasses and fit snugly inside the box. The foam insert was custom shaped to fit the shape of the decanter and glasses, to prevent any possible movement or breakage inside the box during shipping.


The results were an attractive and elegant custom gift box that showcased the spirit airlines brand while still being cost effective. The foam inserts allowed for a safe and secure shipping experience, ensuring that the decanter and glasses arrived safely in tact. We successfully created a unique solution for Spirit Airlines that gave the customer a luxurious experience.




Netflix is one of the world's leading streaming content providers, and they constantly strive to stay at the forefront of innovation. As part of a new campaign to promote their latest slate of shows, they needed to create a high impact, personalized piece of direct mail that stands out among their competitors and engages the recipient.


Our team worked closely with the client to develop a unique, interactive mailer that would achieve their goals. We proposed an innovative mailer that features a video screen that already plays a promotional clip of their new productions.


To enhance the mailer’s appearance and stand out among the competition, we designed it to be a folding mailer with a pocket that contains the video screen. We wanted the user to have a physical media experience, rather than a digital one, so the mailer was designed to unfold and reveal the video screen much in the same way that a book or a magazine would unfold.

On the outside of the mailer, we included the client’s branding, along with some eye-catching images from the new shows. The visuals and text provided the recipient with a hint of what to expect when unfolding the mailer, further enticing them to discover the mailer's content.

To make sure that the video mailer performed optimally, we created a battery-powered circuit board and Bluetooth connection to provide a continuous power supply and a wireless connection to the video. This made it easy for the user to switch instantly between the shows. The video mailer was also lightweight and compact enough to fit through standard mailboxes.


The resulting mailer was a sturdy and eye-catching piece that effectively grabbed the recipient’s attention and transported them into the world of Netflix. The mailer stood out among the competition, engaging the user and growing brand loyalty.

As a result, the video mailer was a success and was delivered to thousands of people across the country. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with recipients saying it felt like receiving a special gift from Netflix. The mailer even made it onto social media, where it was shared with thousands more potential customers.

Overall, the video mailer was a huge success for Netflix and exceeded their expectations. It achieved the goal of increasing viewership for their latest shows, creating a memorable user experience, and enhancing their brand image.




Spartan Chemical Company is a global leader in providing specialty chemicals for a variety of commercial and industrial uses. The company was looking for an innovative way to introduce their new app ahead of its launch. They wanted to do something special to launch their product app. To make a lasting impression, they decided to tap MEA Group to help them create, package, and deliver 3,200 gifts to their customer base.


The goals of the project were to successfully market the new app prior to its launch, increase product awareness among consumers, and maximize the reach of the app promotion while controlling costs. 


To accomplish these goals, MEA Group suggested creating and distributing 3,200 customized wireless Qi chargers that had information about the product app included. This was an attractive solution because the chargers are a cost-effective and compact product that customers would find useful, while also featuring an area on them to showcase the new app.


After our team put in their hard work and dedication, we successfully delivered the 3,200 wireless charger gifts to the customer base. The response was well-received, with many customers commenting on how impressed they were with the product and the delivery time. As a result, Spartan Chemical’s product app launch was successful, and they were extremely satisfied with the results of our work




Each year Formica launches new products at tradeshows, however, many shows were canceled so we were tasked to help bring the vision of a virtual unboxing launch to life.


To design an exciting unboxing experience for three different elements of the Formica brand that would be opened during a “live” tradeshow seminar. Three different brand managers would need to speak, each to their own product responsibility. The objective was to hold the attention during the entire presentation and be equally engaging as an “in-person” tradeshow.


We partnered with their amazing marketing team and helped bring the vision of a virtual unboxing launch to life. The team at Formica truly went all-in brainstorming a box that included three other boxes used to showcase and highlight the new products, plus a sweet treat from a local bakery! Their team handled the invites, webinar set up, etc. MEA Group engineered and produced the box, inner packaging, and custom wraps, then fulfilled with treats/samples, and shipped it to each of the attendee's addresses.


The launch went great! During the webinar, the hosts introduced the treat maker's story and inspiration before the products. it was the perfect lead-in! Each treat maker was sent a sample of the Formica product their treat would accompany as inspiration for the special confectionary creation. After the treat intro, the hosts dove right into the product line, holding up the actual samples, discussing the backstory to the product, and answering live questions that were posted in the chat by attendees!This event went on to win Grand Prize in Experiential in the Association of National Advertisers In- House Excellence Awards.

Our Process

Introducing our 3-D Process


We learn your challenge, we listen to your team, we become a sounding board for them to speak to. We want to understand your objective to help define the perfect, tangible, branded items to most effectively deliver your message.


This is where we showcase our value to your team. We’ve accepted the challenge and launch into action to develop a range of ideas and concepts that could successfully accomplish your objective in a memorable way, on brand, and within budget.


We think like an agency, we create like an agency, but we deliver like a supplier. There are many creative agencies out there that can make pretty pictures and nice pitch decks—but most of them don’t have the engineers, manufacturing partners, and resources to reliably deliver your project on time. From concept to creation, we own this space.

Our Ethos

Company mission

Enhancing engagement

Enhancing engagement

For over 30 years, we have created solutions for the world’s most recognizable brands:

White Castle

I just wanted to let you know that our customers have started receiving their gifts. We are getting a lot of very surprised and happy feedback and I just wanted to let you know. Thank you again.”
– Kelly, Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway

Corporate Social Responsibility

Maximizing impact

Maximizing impact

We strive to have a positive influence on our world. We group our actions into three pillars:

  • Minimize our environmental impact
  • Be ethical and socio-economically responsible
  • Incentivize volunteerism by our employees and partners