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10 Best Fall Promotional Items

Advertising is an important part of any business and incorporating the right tactics can mean the difference between success and failure. Promotional products are one of the best means of effective advertisement as they give you the biggest BANG for your buck. You need to get your info and your brand into the hand of your consumers and there is nothing better than promotional items that can achieve this without a problem. Of course, promotional items vary from client to client but they also vary with seasons. Here are some of the latest fall promotional items that people are crazy about this fall!

promotional logo footballs


Promotional footballs

These are a great way to get the message across. Football is a widely loved sport across the states and you can easily print your logo or message on a variety of them as a promotion. Ranging from foam footballs to full-size synthetic leather pieces, you can use them as a giveaway at a game or other events for a lasting impact. The great bit is that people from different age groups are likely to be interested, making this item one of the best promotional pieces to cover a variety of clients.



promotional logo fidget spinner


Promotional fidget spinners

These stress relievers are quite the rage at the moment. Old and young people alike are mesmerized by this intriguing toy that gets you spinning for hours on end. You can benefit by transforming this in-demand escape-from-boredom into a promotional success. In fact, these customized promotional fidget spinners are already circling the market with stunning results. You can choose a variety of colors and choose where to add your logo for a great toy that does its job well!



promotional logo wind breaker

Logo Windbreakers

The idea of good promotional items is to approach articles of regular use so that they are appreciated as much as possible. Windbreakers are an important article of daily use and a great way to target the adult population. Simply custom print these logo windbreakers to add a promotional punch to this useful outerwear.




promotional logo thermos

Logo thermos

Thermos bottles are very useful when it comes to keeping drinks hot or cold. Promotional thermos with your custom printed logo can work wonders for your advertisement. You can use them as executive gifts, employee recognition gifts or achievement awards for your employees or as a collaboration. The best part is that they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials so that you can opt for the types that are in your budget. Choose from the modern sleek thermos to the kid’s thermos to deliver your promotion tactfully.





Logo pumpkin stress balls

De-stress your day with a fun, customized pumpkin stress ball. The toy or the de-stressor is a great gift for employees and is duly appreciated. Transform your advertisement campaign into a fun, usable logo pumpkin stress ball and own that pumpkin patch of success!



Logo folding chairs with carrying bags

Perfect for people with an outdoor flair and can even double up as a great chair for the backyard as well. Available in a number of different colors, perfect for family outings, reunions, camping and much more. As they are loved by many people they make excellent promotional items, especially as the fall season is going to bring an avalanche of campers. Logo folding chairs and carrying bags are perfect as a gift for office employees or you can team up with other brands and promote your item with a grill too!




Logo roll up blanket

Roll out your comfy blanket at any picnic. The customizable picnic blanket is made from polyester fleece plaid fabric which makes it water resistant and ideal for any picnic spot. It also comes with easy to hold handles and an in fold mechanism that maximizes convenience. There are a number of different colors available and you can use it easily for a variety of outdoor events.




Custom fleeces and jackets

Choose the sporty look and flaunt your brand with style. This great jacket comes with comfy side pockets, drawstring waist, and a detailed taping at the neck to give that sporty vibe. The jacket is made from a breathable, anti-pilling fabric, which makes it perfect for everyday use. The chilly fall winds are in bound making this comfy jacket a must have for many people. Choose these custom fleeces and jackets to boost your business this fall.




Logo mugs

Coffee and tea have become inseparable from our lives and so have their mugs. Work up your advertisement campaign by distributing logo mugs. They come in a variety of color and styles and make perfect additions to houses or as gifts to employees on certain occasions. The glossy exterior and fine interior make for great giveaways that would highlight any logo. We all love a cup of tea, why not have some good promotion with it too!



Touch screen logo gloves

Touch screens have become vital to our daily needs but it can be hard using them when battling the chilling winds. A great way to stay warm without sacrificing your screen time is by using touch screen gloves. The one size fits all gloves with 3 digitally sensitive fingers are a great way to conveniently use your touch screen in the cold. Available in a range of colors, these gloves make valuable gifts and ideal promotional items for offices and citizens in general. Introduce the high-quality touch screen logo gloves to boost your brand stylishly!