Launch Box

An Image of the Formica Sample Box Kit


Each year Formica launches new products at tradeshows, however, many shows were canceled so we were tasked to help bring the vision of a virtual unboxing launch to life.


To design an exciting unboxing experience for three different elements of the Formica brand that would be opened during a “live” tradeshow seminar. Three different brand managers would need to speak, each to their own product responsibility. The objective was to hold the attention during the entire presentation and be equally engaging as an “in-person” tradeshow.


We partnered with their amazing marketing team and helped bring the vision of a virtual unboxing launch to life. The team at Formica truly went all-in brainstorming a box that included three other boxes used to showcase and highlight the new products, plus a sweet treat from a local bakery! Their team handled the invites, webinar set up, etc. MEA Group engineered and produced the box, inner packaging, and custom wraps, then fulfilled with treats/samples, and shipped it to each of the attendee’s addresses.


The launch went great! During the webinar, the hosts introduced the treat maker’s story and inspiration before the products. it was the perfect lead-in! Each treat maker was sent a sample of the Formica product their treat would accompany as inspiration for the special confectionary creation. After the treat intro, the hosts dove right into the product line, holding up the actual samples, discussing the backstory to the product, and answering live questions that were posted in the chat by attendees!This event went on to win Grand Prize in Experiential in the Association of National Advertisers In- House Excellence Awards.