Promoting Environmental Sustainability 

Throughout all strategy and business operations, we pledge to respect the environment, acting in a way in which we can help preserve the planet and contribute towards an undamaged environment. We are committed to operating our business activities in a way that minimizes our potential impact on the environment, enabling a circular economy where waste is eliminated, and the continual use of resources is promoted.
Consideration of all environmental factors is a large concern in all decision-making processes, as we try to minimize all potential environmental impact. Parallel to this, a dedication for continuous improvement involves regular reviews and monitoring of all progress made against our commitments.
In conjunction with our Next Generation Sourcing, here at MEA Group we like to consider both the present and future impacts that our decisions will have on the environment and risk-manage these factors appropriately.

Equality and Empowerment

We understand that our commitment to making a difference expands beyond our operations, here at MEA Group we want to act responsibly and fairly towards all stakeholders: employee participation, job security, development opportunities and equal opportunities are all key dynamics in a fair and non-discriminatory environment.
We are committed to advancing respect for human rights, building diverse and inclusive workplaces, as outlined in the United Nations Ethics Documentation. We strive to ensure all colleagues enjoy their work and are given opportunities to advance and grow within their career. Focusing on improving the rights and well-being of staff, reviewing issues including remuneration, recruitment, induction, health and safety, whistleblowing, working conditions, diversity and training.

Manufacturing & Environmental Standards and Codes of Conduct

We intend to develop and maintain ethical supplier relationships, based on mutual benefit and a shared commitment to meet, and exceed our customers’ requirements. We take a risk-based approach towards supplier auditing, monitoring performance in the areas of human rights, corruption, legal compliance, and quality standards. Where required, we will work with suppliers to improve practices within the value chain.
Fundamentally, our approach to next generation sourcing shares a mutual desire to progress beyond traditional source and supply solutions, instead preferring to actively promote and engage transparent solutions that acknowledge our social responsibilities and the evolving needs of society.   We do not manufacture any goods without first having visited our selected manufacturer.  Once we select a manufacturer, we perform an internal audit.  Checking all certificates, licenses and labor records.  We also will not use a manufacturer that has not been audited by a 3rd party independent, certified auditor. Once all audits have been conducted, verified and approved, we then proceed with the manufacturing process.
For all toys or any item that falls under a child category, we test for CPSIA.  These are any toys or items that may fall under the 12 yrs. and younger categories.  Since each item is unique in itself, prior to beginning the manufacturing process, we send samples to the laboratories (3rd party, certified and independent laboratories- Usually SGS, UL, QUIMA).  Then we develop with the lab a protocol for testing.  Once we have the protocol established for that particular item, we work with the factory to ensure compliance is met.  CPSIA will usually cover-CA65, Lead, Heavy Metals, Choking Hazards, required labeling, tracking mechanism and manufacturer information on the unit.
Originally, we only tested for CA65 for items going to CA, now we test every item as a standard for CA65.  We never know when an item we manufacture for an east coast event will end up in CA.  So, we have been testing all items for CA65 for over a decade.