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Netflix is one of the world’s leading streaming content providers, and they constantly strive to stay at the forefront of innovation. As part of a new campaign to promote their latest slate of shows, they needed to create a high impact, personalized piece of direct mail that stands out among their competitors and engages the recipient.


Our team worked closely with the client to develop a unique, interactive mailer that would achieve their goals. We proposed an innovative mailer that features a video screen that already plays a promotional clip of their new productions.


To enhance the mailer’s appearance and stand out among the competition, we designed it to be a folding mailer with a pocket that contains the video screen. We wanted the user to have a physical media experience, rather than a digital one, so the mailer was designed to unfold and reveal the video screen much in the same way that a book or a magazine would unfold.

On the outside of the mailer, we included the client’s branding, along with some eye-catching images from the new shows. The visuals and text provided the recipient with a hint of what to expect when unfolding the mailer, further enticing them to discover the mailer’s content.

To make sure that the video mailer performed optimally, we created a battery-powered circuit board and Bluetooth connection to provide a continuous power supply and a wireless connection to the video. This made it easy for the user to switch instantly between the shows. The video mailer was also lightweight and compact enough to fit through standard mailboxes.


The resulting mailer was a sturdy and eye-catching piece that effectively grabbed the recipient’s attention and transported them into the world of Netflix. The mailer stood out among the competition, engaging the user and growing brand loyalty.

As a result, the video mailer was a success and was delivered to thousands of people across the country. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with recipients saying it felt like receiving a special gift from Netflix. The mailer even made it onto social media, where it was shared with thousands more potential customers.

Overall, the video mailer was a huge success for Netflix and exceeded their expectations. It achieved the goal of increasing viewership for their latest shows, creating a memorable user experience, and enhancing their brand image.