Spartan Chemical Company is a global leader in providing specialty chemicals for a variety of commercial and industrial uses. The company was looking for an innovative way to introduce their new app ahead of its launch. They wanted to do something special to launch their product app. To make a lasting impression, they decided to tap MEA Group to help them create, package, and deliver 3,200 gifts to their customer base.


The goals of the project were to successfully market the new app prior to its launch, increase product awareness among consumers, and maximize the reach of the app promotion while controlling costs. 


To accomplish these goals, MEA Group suggested creating and distributing 3,200 customized wireless Qi chargers that had information about the product app included. This was an attractive solution because the chargers are a cost-effective and compact product that customers would find useful, while also featuring an area on them to showcase the new app.


After our team put in their hard work and dedication, we successfully delivered the 3,200 wireless charger gifts to the customer base. The response was well-received, with many customers commenting on how impressed they were with the product and the delivery time. As a result, Spartan Chemical’s product app launch was successful, and they were extremely satisfied with the results of our work