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Spirit Airlines needed to create a custom and cost effective premium gift set for their top customers. The gift set needed to include a wine decanter and two glasses, and be packaged in an elegant customized box.


We developed a custom solution for the airlines by designing the product packaging, box, and the foam inserts that would hold the decanter and two glasses in place.


First, we designed the packaging to be elegant and custom to the airlines brand. The box was made from a black cardboard material with a glossy finish for a sophisticated look. The wine decanter and two glasses were hand picked with the customer in mind, to showcase a premium experience.

Next, we designed the foam insert that would protect the decanter and glasses and fit snugly inside the box. The foam insert was custom shaped to fit the shape of the decanter and glasses, to prevent any possible movement or breakage inside the box during shipping.


The results were an attractive and elegant custom gift box that showcased the spirit airlines brand while still being cost effective. The foam inserts allowed for a safe and secure shipping experience, ensuring that the decanter and glasses arrived safely in tact. We successfully created a unique solution for Spirit Airlines that gave the customer a luxurious experience.